A downloadable game

-Name- The BIS Project
-Genre- Adventure, Open World, Survival
-Current Team Size- 3
-Team Name- Undecided.
-Software- Unreal Engine 4
-Price- 0$
-Story Draft- (Needs Confirmation) The year is 2786 and scientist Rheanna Claire, has embarked on a new program called S.A.V.I.O.R. A program designed to open rifts in time, to escape Earth which is being destroyed by disease and famine. These rifts can change the past, and her goal was to change Earths past, to change the future. However once it was tested, the rift went berserk, sucking in the surrounding people, including you. You appeared in a dense jungle. Unclear of what had happened, only to figure out quickly, you went back in time, millions of years ago, in a new Era. A Era of all the time zones from the Precambrian to the Cretaceous period. Now your life depends on how well you survive this new world, and on luck.

-Mechanics- Realism, and non realism. Meaning we are going to need a person who can do both feathered and non feathered dinosaurs(If their species has that variation).
-Being able to climb tree's
-Dinosaurs and other creatures having different properties. Example: Raptors calling each other to kill something.
-A heart beat system that beats harder when your getting hunted down.
-Huge variation of Creatures, at least 50+
-Being able to bury yourself with sand and hiding in murky water.
-Using things like Dino feces and urine to mask your scent.
-A large crafting system
-Much Much More!

Published Jul 18, 2016
Tags3D, bestinslot, Dinosaurs, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse